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Salt Flats 1/2 a few days later…

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

It’s been a few days since my mom and I ran the Salt Flats 1/2.

It was a great run.  Here’s a quick recap of the day:

We started out by getting up at 5:30.  We got dressed and headed over to meet Heidi.  We got about half way to the Golden Nugget and came to a dead head.  We were already a few minutes late so we chugged our protein drinks and started running down a dirt road.  Thankfully we were only a few minutes late.

We loaded up the car and headed out to the salt flats.  We arrived 15 minutes before the start.  There was no line at check-in so we quickly got our goodie bags.  With 10 minutes to go, we filled our water bottles, put on sun screen and did some last minute body looseners.  I reset my Garmin just before the start…

Just after 7:00 a small group started the second annual Salt Flats 1/2 marathon. (I think there were 38 runners)  We got running and the group left us as we settled into our own pace.  After about a minute I realized that even though I reset my Garmin, I forgot to push start!  Thankfully we we had only gone a short distance…

As we ran, we watched a spectacular sun rise.  It started before the sun rose and turned the sky all kinds of shades of purple and pink.  After about 1/2 mile the sun started to come over the horizon.  Not a bad way to start a run!

We settled in to about a 9 min/km pace for the first mile.  Then we kicked it up to about 8 min/km.  We ended up averaging 8:19 min/km.  (That translates into 14.04 mile/min)

The run was a lot of fun.  The land scape is unique and really beautiful.  It’s really interesting to be running towards the horizon and realize that you’re running to a point past it.  Kind of like running to oblivion!

We stopped at each aid station and refiled our water bottles and drank some PowerAid.  At the turn around point we got some Jelly Belly Beans.  Water and fuel was not a problem during the run.  It really makes a difference when you don’t have to worry about that stuff.

So, what about my goals….

  1. Finish (Done)
  2. Finish with out walking. (Aid stations don’t count…) (Done)
  3. Do it in less than 3.5 hours (Done!!!) Our time was 3:05.  That’s close to 45 minutes faster than my last long run.
  4. Don’t be last (Done) We were able to pass 3 people.

Over all it was a fantastic race.  Looking forward to running it again next year.

If you want to check out my stats for the run:

FYI: I have my Garmin set to measure in metric. The short reason why is because I first started training for a 5K. I didn’t want to have to do translations while I ran so I switched to metric. The slightly longer reason is because many of the runs I want to do are measured in kilometers.

The night before the Salt Flats ½…

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

So, I’m in the hotel doing final preparation for the run tomorrow.  I’m a little nervous, but I’m pretty excited too.

Here are my goals in order of importance and probability:

  1. Finish
  2. Finish with out walking. (Aid stations don’t count…)
  3. Do it in less than 3.5 hours
  4. Don’t be last

I’m confident that I can finish.  I did 23 km (about 14 miles) last Saturday.  So I’m pretty sure I can check the first one off the list.

I was able to run the entire 14 miles except for two times when I stopped to talk to people and once when I stopped to refill my water bottles.   But….  I over did it last Saturday and my left calf and right hip were more sore than normal.  They feel pretty good tonight, but I’m still a little worried.

This one might be a stretch, but I’m hopeful.  There isn’t an official time limit, but the organizer said they like to have people off the course in 3 hours.  I told him I could probably do 3.5. (Hope I wasn’t lying…)  I figure there is a chance I could make it in less than 3.5.  First, it’s the course is flat.  It could quite possibly be the flattest ½ marathon in the world.  Second, I’ve done 3 long training runs and for each of them I was fueling with an apple and water.  This is on top of doing the HCG diet.  So needless to say, my fuel wasn’t exactly up to par.  Lastly, I’ll be running around other people.  I think that just might give me the little something extra that I need to shave a little time off.

Not being last might be a bit of a challenge.  There will be 30-50 runners so the odds of me being the slowest are pretty good.  If it came down to it, I could probably out sprint someone at the end, but I don’t really want to be that guy.  (Especially if I had to out sprint my mom…)  That being said, there’s a chance there is someone that is slower than me, I’m not counting on it though!

Speaking of HCG, I have already made one goal.  I wanted to loose 50 lbs. before this run and I did.  As of this morning, I’ve lost 51 lbs. (After tonight’s buffet though, it make be an even 50…)

Bottom line is, I’m just excited to run.  This will be my first organized run and I’m really excited.  When I first heard about it, I thought: it’s flat, I’ll run as far as I can, then walk and then if I’m still not to the finish, they can come and get me…  I’m really pleased that I’ve gone from just hoping that I can finish the distance to knowing that I can and adding more goals on top of it.

Being able to run on the Salt Flats will be incredibly cool.  I don’t think I’ll set a land speed record, but who cares.  I’m running on the Salt Flats!  No matter how cool that will be though, the best part is being able to run with my mom and aunt.  So a special thanks to Heidi for telling us about this run.  If it weren’t for her, I’d be cleaning my garage this weekend.  (Any volunteers to help on Monday?) A huge thanks to my mom; If she hadn’t said let’s go for it when I mentioned becoming a Chi Running instructor, I’d still be dreaming about doing it “some day”.   Not only doing Chi Running, but doing it with my mom has be completely life changing!

I am so excited to be running again.  I owe it all to Chi Running and finally to loosing weight. I feel great physically and mentally.

Tomorrow will be great!